Third IVF 

After the first couple go-a rounds, we were pretty prepared for what the next stage would bring. Medications were added and doubled this cycle in hopes of more eggs, great quality embryos, and of course that pregnancy and baby we’ve been working 5 years to achieve. G and I were both pretty numb to the experience this time. It wasn’t exciting, definitely not fun, and our spirits weren’t as high as they once were. I decided not to share this cycle as it was happening as I had done with our first two. The support and encouragement we receive is above and beyond what I had expected. However, I felt that I had neglected myself and the experience, and needed time for my own emotions and mental health. So here is Round 3 in a less fluff, more data kind of way….

Twice as much medication, twice as much space needed….Had to takeover a dresser drawer from G

This is why daily pill containers and medication apps were invented.

Additional storage needed for syringes and needles to help keep different injections straight. Organization is key.
October 5th – Start Lupron Injections: One small and easy injection every morning in the belly

October 10th – Baseline Ultrasound: This is to check follicles and the lining of my uterus.

October 10th – Genetic Consult: Discuss what will happen during the genetic testing of any embryos that we plan to freeze.

This isn’t even all the paperwork, calendars, and information we receive for one cycle.

October 12th – Blood Work

October 14th – Blood Work

October 14th – Surgical Pre-Op

October 15th – Start Stimulation Medication: Two injections in the belly every morning, these ones sting and are super annoying to mix up

These three morning injections take me about 15 minutes to mix and administer in the morning. 1 Lupron = easily drawn amount from ready vial and 2 Menopur = 600 units, 8 vials I mix and draw daily
October 15th – Add 10 more pills to my daily medications while still doing all 3 injections now

October 17th – Blood Work

My ultrasound and blood work appointments are conveniently done early morning, 6:30am usually, so I don’t need to miss a lot of work time. Actually, I’m often there earlier than usual and racing the sunrise to the office.

October 19th – Ultrasound

October 21st – Ultrasound

October 24th – Ultrasound

October 25th – Ultrasound

October 26th – Ultrasound

10 days of a two week period I am at the clinic. 4 blood draws in 5 days. It’s no wonder my body looks the way it does.
Bruises are pretty bad when you’re doing injections for weeks at a time.

October 26th – FINALLY HCG trigger shot at 8pm and this is the last day of all other injections

October 28th – Egg Retrieval: 14 eggs!!! More than double from the last time, could NOT be any happier with this result!


October 29th – Start Progesterone-In-Oil Injections: These are the lovely large needles in the butt that G gets to help with….UGH

October 30th – Nurse Called: All 14 of my eggs were mature, 10 fertilized, we’ll be transferring two on day 5!

November 2nd – Transfer Day: Embryologist said one was pretty much perfect, and the other we’re transferring looks great too, YAY

November 3rd – Remaining Embryos: We received the email that NONE of our 8 embryos made it to freeze. Unexpected and devastating.

November 11th – Blood Work: Beta 1

November 14th – Blood Work: Beta 2

November 14th – They called G to tell him the bad news for a third time, another fail, another loss, another heartbreaking day.

We recently went for our post-cycle appointment with our doctor. Our first egg retrieval we had low quantity, high quality. This time was the opposite. When we started the IVF process, we opted for a warranty program that offers 3 egg retrievals and any transfers resulting from those. Two down, one to go. This will likely be a very stressful round as my doctor has suggested another endometrial scratch (I had this done before this round and it was HORRIBLE) and a much more complicated plan with yet again more medications. I already think it’s overwhelming, so that must mean it’s off the charts insane. With no embryos surviving this time I’m already stressed that this might be our last shot, but at least we still have a chance I suppose. That’s the positive spin I should be looking for, but it gets harder every time to be hopeful and optimistic. The holidays are here, and we won’t start another cycle until the after the new year. We will take some time to relax, enjoy time with friends and family, and prepare for the next chapter in our journey.