Prepping for the August Thaw.

Holy cow, I’m sweating. Not glistening or sparkles, full-on sweat. Ugh. This is not me complaining though, I’ll take this weather over a snowy January anytime. Plus we’ve decided to move forward with our little freezies so the cold front will be here before we know it ❄️❄️

Last week we met with our Doctor to go over everything that happened. She started from the beginning and went through each step of the process and what we did and what the result was. My blood work to start with during the stimulation drugs was at about half of what it should have been, that’s why I basically had double the average amount of Menopur. The retrieval didn’t yield a lot of eggs, probably because of the damage to my ovaries from one of my many surgeries. We did however end up with mature and high quality eggs, above average there, so that was excellent news. The best and farthest along embryo, Petri – the one we transferred, she would grade as a B. The other two that we were able to freeze and developed well by day 6 she would grade as an A+ and an A-….WHAT?! That sounds AWESOME! These two really just needed the extra day and turned out to be better quality than our transfer embryo after all. She said the transfer went really well, one of the best and easiest she’s ever done. All this sounds like okay news and if I didn’t already know the outcome I’d think that this should have resulted in a pregnancy. We don’t know why our little embryo didn’t make it, and there’s no indication at this point that it still couldn’t work this next time around. The Doctor said that I’m still a perfect candidate for IVF and we just stick with her, she will make this work for us. That’s what I like most about her. She’s is 100% as invested in this and the outcome as we are, she never said I should have done anything differently and I honestly think that she feels like it’s more of a reflection on her than my body and me. (Side note: If anyone is looking for a fertility specialist, send me a message or email or comment and I will gladly give you her information as we couldn’t be happier with her or our clinic)

Next up, frozen embryo transfer, or FET. We have the option to transfer one or both of the embryos we have. G and I discussed it a lot before we went in for our appointment and hoped she would agree with our decision. We will be transferring both. Besides that I now know that it not working is a possibility, and if there are two, there’s a better chance of success. I also don’t want to go through the heartbreak again in a few years. If we were to only transfer one right now, and it works, that’s awesome. But what if a year or two down the road we want to have another child since we still have another embryo frozen. Now we transfer that single and it doesn’t work. Now we’re basically out of options after we’ve already mentally and emotionally invested in growing our family. That would suck, and we certainly can’t keep spending tens of thousands of dollars every year either. Long story short, I’d rather know that if this works now that we’re done and pursuing this again would result in starting all over. It’s a lot like having my tubes removed, the plus side for me was that I wouldn’t be thinking every month that just maybe this was the time that would work and we’d be pregnant. One less thing for me to worry or stress about that I really have no control over anyway.

Medications are here and I will soon move my blogging over to a second page of strictly FET talk like I did with our first cycle. This is a longer process than the last time, I’m already starting injections and we’re not doing the transfer for another 4 weeks or so. Be prepared for sporadic rants, advice, information, and emotion – nothing new I suppose, everyone should be used to this by now. I do need some help from all of you though. We called our first embryo Petri, and now we need nicknames for our next two. I’ve been calling them Freezies but thinking maybe they should each have their own name? If you have any suggestions, comment away please! As always, thank you for taking the time to read and thank you for your support! XOXO

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